Take a Light Journey into Darkness

Ep.6 - Coming 9.14.19. Ep. 1-5 available now!

The Blue Kiss of Psychics

• No one seeks out a psychic when life is good.

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Not Today, Satan!

• How to nip demon possession in the bud.

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The Cost of seeing Ghosts

• Want to see a ghost?

• Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

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The bad Seed – Homicidal Kids

• Is your child a deadly psychopath?

• You don’t want to hear what we recommend.

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It’s not murder – It’s housekeeping

• Have a dead body on your hands, you’re innocent, and can’t call the police?

• Our doctor can instruct you how to conceal the body.

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i married a psychopath

• Screw that! Save yourself.

• Lessons on how to escape a psychopath or sociopath.

It was something else inside me, making me feel all this anger and hate – and I told whatever that was inside me to LEAVE!
— Rodney Hom: Not Today, Satan, Ep. 5.

 Voices | Rodney Hom & Dr. Cathleen McCarthy

Sights | Alexandro Marques & R.Hom

Sounds | Martyn Duffy (Ep.2), Sam Esparza (Ep.1,3,4), John Bell (Ep.5,6,7,8,9,10), soundscapes by Nicolas Gasparini (Ep. 5,6,